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Destined Media

Branding, web-design & brand identity presentation

UI and UX Design

Website Design

Print & Collateral

Art Direction

Branding & Identity

Welcome to Destined Media, my very own digital design agency where we specialize in creating fun, innovative, and groovy designs for small businesses like yours. In this transformative project, I took on the exciting challenge of revamping Destined Media's visual identity to exude a vibrant and retro feel reminiscent of the captivating colors, patterns, and typography of the 60s-70s era.

Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity:
With a passion for crafting captivating user experiences, I meticulously produced a cohesive brand identity that resonates across all digital platforms and physical marketing products. From their website to business cards, stationery, and printed materials, Destined Media's new visual identity sets them apart, captivating their audience with a delightful retro charm.

Responsive Web Design:
As a user-centric designer, I ensured that Destined Media's website offers a seamless browsing experience on any device. Through responsive web design, potential clients can easily explore the website's animated icons, discovering the wide array of services we offer. Additionally, intuitive contact options enable effortless communication, fostering valuable connections with potential clients.

Destined Media's transformed digital experience is a testament to my expertise as a UX designer and product owner. Our agency's own website embodies the principles of a user-centric approach, providing clients with an enjoyable journey through captivating designs and intuitive interactions.
Feel free to explore Destined Media's groovy digital realm by following this link:

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