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AR Immersive Experience for Education

UI and UX Design


Concept Designs

Visual Effects

Art Direction

Branding & Identity

NoorsDoor is an innovative project that aimed to create an engaging and educational augmented reality (AR) experience using Adobe Aero. The primary objective was to educate 7-14-year-old children about the inspiring story of Noor Khan, a remarkable but often overlooked female figure during World War II.

The project began with storyboarding to visualize the narrative and key moments of the experience. Using tools like Blender and Illustrator, 2D and 3D assets were created alongside audio compilations created in Adobe Audition to bring the story to life.

In addition to asset creation, the project's budget and timeline were carefully planned out, ensuring efficient allocation of resources and meeting deadlines. Additionally, a thorough analysis of the target audience was carried out to understand the specific needs and interests of 7-14-year-olds and tailor the experience accordingly.

To test the concept, low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes were developed to iterate and refine the user experience. This iterative process ensured a user-centric design, enhancing engagement and learning outcomes.

Finally, the project culminated in the creation of a captivating AR experience that users could access by scanning a QR code. This final product immersed users in Noor Khan's story through audio and visuals, providing an interactive and educational journey through the lens of augmented reality

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