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The Good Taco

Branding, user research & social media ads for a Mexican restaurant.

UI and UX Design


Concept Designs

Print & Collateral


Branding & Identity

In this transformative project, I undertook the challenge of reimagining the visual identity and social media advertisements for The Good Taco, a hypothetical restaurant business. My goal was to deeply understand the desires and preferences of The Good Taco's consumers, leveraging surveys and multiple focus groups to gain valuable insights.

User Research and Competitor Analysis:
To inform the redesign process, I conducted thorough competitor analysis, studying both direct and indirect competitors to identify key differentiators and opportunities for The Good Taco. Additionally, I executed comprehensive surveys and planned and executed two impactful focus groups, allowing me to delve into the minds of the target audience and understand their expectations.

SWOT Analysis and Branding Package:
Armed with the valuable data and insights collected, I performed a comprehensive SWOT analysis of The Good Taco to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The findings guided the creation of a complete branding package, encompassing a refreshed logo, captivating color palette, enticing typography, and compelling brand guidelines. This visual identity was designed to establish a powerful and cohesive brand presence that resonated deeply with the target audience.

Social Media Advertisement Strategy:
Leveraging the newfound understanding of the audience's preferences, I crafted a strategic plan for social media advertisements on Instagram and Facebook. The advertisements were carefully tailored to reflect the brand's new visual identity while effectively engaging and enticing potential customers.
The results of this project are presented in a comprehensive report and visually appealing presentation, available via the following link:

By adopting a user-centric approach that combined UX design expertise with the insights from user research and branding strategy, I successfully transformed The Good Taco into a captivating and customer-oriented brand, setting it apart in the competitive restaurant industry. This project exemplifies my ability to bring data-driven insights to the forefront of the design process, delivering impactful solutions that resonate with both businesses and their target audiences.

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